Monday, 6 July 2015

Consumers, and opinions don't stop for the holidays

Yes it is summer time, it is hot, humid and
many people's minds are not where they should be !

But do people stop buying products and services , of course not, do people stop making decisions between which product or service or outlet they should use , of course not.

Social media activity doesn't cease to take place in the summer, people spend more time out of their home and seem determnined to let the world and their friends know all about it. 

Yet way too many brands, companies and small one off operators scale back or cancel marketing in the summer. A lot don't even plan any.

The question is why ? Don't you want sales and money ?

The idea that people are on holiday means they switch off from media is ridiculous, and the decision to not to advertise, interact, promote and publicise, costs businesses a fortune in lost sales every single summer. 

it isn't a question that people stop spending time with media. 

The increase in Facebook, Instagram and location app posts 
 (Yelp, Swarm, Foursquare) tells us people are spending the same or more amount of time to interact on social media as they do when at home. 

So your audience has just shifted their media focus online and away from TV, Radio and newspapers and magazines. 

If your target audience is under the age of 24, they were already on social media and streaming sites already, ignoring traditional media. The fall year on year of 15-30 TV ratings in Poland clearly shows that. 

So why not re-evaluate your strategy, take the summer to create a new plan to drive customers to your website, and your location(s), be more active on social media and combine that with some events and PR to really boost the effectiveness of your marketing. 

One click, an email, a call, and your strategy is being designed+will be ready to deliver, relax whilst your competitors don't !

So why not just send us a message and tell us what you want to do , who you want to reach and we will come back to you with a strategy, a plan, and a nice summer price, backed with 4 expert companies including ourselves to deliver your ideal marketing plan !

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