Friday, 4 October 2013

Wetail - The Shopping Revolution sweeping Poland

A short film on how shopping has changed in the last 30 years in Poland

Location doesn’t matter, if you don’t market the location 24/7, because the way people shop now and use shops has changed forever.

Wetail is arriving; yes not retail, but Wetail, shoppers now use the Internet for price comparison, product selection, to shop online, to shop online in-store, and more.
It’s not about you, your brand any more, or us or them, it’s about We.

Shopping centre’s main footfall attractors, your tenants are driving this process, with supermarket shopping online growing yearly. The main reason shoppers go to shopping centres is to do food shopping, so as online food shopping increases, down go reasons to go to shopping centres, and your footfall.

If they don’t visit to do food shopping, they don’t buy anything in smaller tenants shops either.

Every retailer and mall, big or small, faces severe competition in an already hard price competitive market.

The Centre for Retail Research, a U.K.-based retail research and consulting firm, predicts Poland will register the fastest growth in European e-commerce this year, with a 24% hike in e-retail compared to a European average of 16.1%.

This growth will become bigger, as the supermarkets ensure online shoppers trust them to deliver fresh goods and in date goods. 

Poland’s cold winters also ensure, online food shopping is going to catch on, even faster, no cold, snow, no dressing up children or hassle, just wait for them to bring your order.

As Poles rush to buy smart phones 44% so far, and increasing quickly as are apps in Polish language, it’s clear that Wetail is here and growing massively.

Add that to 54% of Poles using social media daily, and it is clear Wetail’s foot is hard down on the accelerator.

The explosion in sales of mobile devices, and people using them to shop online and to shop in store is also huge, driving consumers wishes to get better quality and more for their money. 

This fact proves the search for value and more for my money is constant.

Shoppers are still shopping when your mall is shut, the shopping process still going on, sharing opinions, recommending shops and goods to each other. 

Poles are switching to online shopping faster than the European average !

They are influencing the shopping process, the question is are you?

The biggest question is who are you to your shoppers ?

Are you known by your name or referred to by the name of your anchor tenant !

The motto of retail marketers is Branding, Positioning, and Differentiation

In a highly competitive market, as Wetail and competition intensifies, no branding, no differentiation, no engagement or reason to come & shop, means low footfall, low turnover for your tenants,& leases may not be renewed.That leads to a fall in asset value, lower rents, higher vacancies & pressure increasing from lenders, and tenants.  

There is no alternative, but to brand, promote, interact, engage, and call to action.

No point to do a refurbishment if the offer hasn’t changed or people think it hasn’t.

If you can’t provide shoppers with a strong identity closely connected with them, plus a great shopping experience combined with constant reasons to visit and shop, and great deals, they won’t come.

If you don’t interact with or listen to them, and work with your shoppers, as Wetail advance speeds up the effect on your mall won’t just be limited to decreasing footfall. 

Tenants who are wetailing will have fewer outlets, and the ones they keep will be smaller if they are collection points, or virtual showrooms. 

So Wetail presents a huge challenge to mall owners and retailers, because we can see the effect of not integrating Wetail in to your business in the UK. Retailers and mall owners there who took no notice, left empty shops in every high street, household names (Woolworths,Virgin, HMV, Jessop’s, Comet,) disappeared from British life. 

Those like Argos, who took notice changed their businesses and are reaping the rewards.
Wetail is about all parties, sharing, listening, and, gaining benefit out of it, delivering
a 24/7 shopping experience, shoppers want, and will use and recommend.

We can help you target spenders, multiple visits, raise footfall at slow times, we know your shoppers need to see you listen & respond, they will then share & recommend & if the offers are right & good they will come.

Join The Wetail Revolution now
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