Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Retail Revolution - Welcome to the new age

Mosaic PR recently moderated the Wetail - The Retail Revolution panel
at the CEE Retail Forum and Gala Awards,

Our  panel of guests included Philip Evans CEO of TriGranit Management
and Michal Kramarz of Google and Alek Domaradzki of DGS.

Words of attendees left the conference in no doubt how important the subject is

 "The most important challenge facing retail in CEE today
and a panel I urge you all to attend this afternoon"
 Martin Sabelko CEO - CBRE Global Investors

The panel started with a short film, which shocked and amazed the audience,
followed by Steve Whittle of Mosaic PR showing the extent of the retail
revolution's growth in Poland already.

We used the example of the UK's reaction to and the ongoing results in retail of the
retail revolution to show how the effect will be far more pronounced and brutal in Poland.  

The presentation raised the following wake up call


It's the age of Self Expression, your customers put their lives online, declaring who they are, telling you what they want. what they like, what they want to pay and how they want to get it.

They are clear about who they are - are you ?

If you have no brand identity - how will shoppers know who you are ?

Mosaic PR's film and presentation was followed by Michal Kramarz ,
Head of Retail for Google, whose gave a fantastic and enlightening presentation,
showing how mobile internet is driving the retail revolution.

Michal Kramarz Head of Retail - Google

Michal showed how people use phones to change they way they shop and use shops, he also showed some of Google's plans for the future in retail. He showed the massive growth in mobile use in retail by consumers in Poland exceeds the world average.

Philip Evans - CEO TriGranit Management

Philip Evans the CEO of TriGranit Management, laid out clearly the challenge to
shopping centre owners, that Wetail presents, and the opportunities is also offers.

Aleks Domaradzki Partner DGS
Aleks Domaradzki of DGS talked about how Wetail is changing the supply chain, and logistics and how shopping centres need to back their independent tenants and help them. 

The response to Mosaic and Google's presentations was clear, shopping centre owners need to start branding and clearly identifying themselves with their shoppers. They need to work with tenants to market the centres clearly and give people alternative reasons to come and shop.

Philip Evans of TriGranit management, said "it is clear those who are branded and have an identity have a massive opportunity, those who are not face a terribly difficult time"

Philip went on to say "as managers of shopping centres  we owe it to asset owners, and tenants to ensure we provide new environments and attractions to keep shoppers coming and repeating their visits".

Aleks Domaradzki of DGS pointed out that shopping centres need to provide a solution to allow independent tenants to offer a online channel, and with a shopping centre logistical solution. This would allow centres to help smaller tenants to combat the retail revolution. 

Following the panel member's discussion and presentations there followed a lengthy, intense, and thought provoking audience debate. 

The panel ended, with the debate continuing in the event cafe area outside, with guests enthusiastically continuing their discussions. 

The panel was a massive success, with several large Real Estate agents and property managers, asking Mosaic to prepare Retail Revolution presentations and workshops for their clients and staff. 

If you would like to receive a copy of Mosaic or Google's presentations made at the panel discussion please contact us by writing a comment below or clicking the links on the right to our Twitter or Facebook page. 

For more infomation about,s CEE Retail Forum and Awards Gala for 2014 visit their website here