Monday, 31 July 2017

Remembering Warsaw's fight against Fascism in the name of Democracy and Freedom

Remembering Warsaw's fight against Fascism in the name of Democracy and Freedom

1st of August is a special day in the hearts of all Warsovians, and the Polish people, it marks the start of the Warsaw Uprising in WW2. It is a day for remembering heroes who fell, a day for remembering heroes who took part, and those who are still with us. For remembering people who escaped from concentration camps and ran to Warsaw to fight, and who dedicated their lives to ensuring the nightmare of the occupation, concentration camps and ghetto annihilation were never forgotten.

The day a nation remembers the 200,000 plus civilians who died during Nazi reprisals for the uprising. Warsaw and Warsovians fought the Nazis, fascists, for freedom, so their city could be free ,Polish and Poland's capital. 

Rather than tell the story I have written about previously, I have linked underneath articles I have written over the years. They make harrowing reading of atrocities and mass murder, rape and barbarism. Warsaw and its people paid a heavy price for their fight for democracy, and to rid the city of fascists. 

We would like to commemorate a brave lady who stood at her barricade, outside where our office is, with her gun, ready to give her life and fight for her city, democracy and freedom.

Smiling as she readies herself for battle, this brave lady was nicknamed "Jadzia"

Jadzia we salute you and love your beaming smile

 Jadwiga W┼éodarska aka "Jadzia" of the 3rd platoon in
Storm Batallion Kilinski on ul Grzybowska 

Here are the articles , I have written in previous years about the Warsaw uprising, and retaliation by the German occupiers against civilians 

When the sirens sound at W hour (Godzina W) we join the city in standing solemnly, at the call to action, now a call to remember and respect, those who fought for our freedom from tyranny and totalitarianism.





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