Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mosaic PR to head Wetail Forum at CEE Retail Awards 2013

Mosaic PR are set for a  busy but great day on Febuary 13th 2014.
We will not only be working for our client EuropaProperty.com
at their prestigious CEE Retail Awards this year.

Mosaic will be moderating and presenting the Wetail forum at the The CEE Retail Forum.

Mosaic is pleased to be on a distinguished panel to talk about
"The Shopping Revolution sweeping Poland"

We are honoured to join the panel with  :-

Michal Kramarz - Head of Retail, Finance and Travel from Google

Phillip Evans - CEO of Trigranit Management Corporation
Aleks Domoradzki - Partner in DGL Logistic consultants 

You can read more about their experience and backgrounds here

To give you a taste of the discussion to be led by this distinguished, very experienced panel, which we are sure will open a lively debate, here is the forum's introduction

 The shopping revolution has started and it’s growing. The shopping revolution is going to affect your real estate business, Wetail is here. 

It’s not about location, location, location any more, it’s about being involved and influencing the process of modern shopping 24/7. 

As people sit browsing, comparing, recommending and buying online whilst you are closed, and using their smart-phones, and tablets in store, how are you as a real estate owner going to protect your investment? 

With online sales on mobile devices increasing hugely across the CEE, and online food shopping growing 15% a year, with home delivery, the way people are shopping has changed forever and it’s going to grow hugely.
This means if they don’t visit your anchor supermarket tenant because that tenant is delivering to them at home, then you have decreasing footfall and incremental purchases in smaller retailers, how will your centre cope with lower footfall, lower turnover, and retailers reducing the size of and number of units? 

Are you influencing your centre’s shoppers?

How involved are your tenants in your marketing programme?

What are you doing to give people a reason to keep coming to your centre? 

Are you taking part in the retail revolution?

Tickets can still be purchased for the whole forum, or even the Wetail forum, contact EuropaProperty.com for details here

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